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The Windowfarms Project: Overview

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There's some growing excitement around urban vertical farms. They make sense as a first step to address several intertwined environmental, social, economic and public health issues. However, we think ordinary people, not just experts, need to be involved in making this part of the green revolution happen. The windowfarms project gives ordinary people instructions on how to make beautiful, productive veggie farms in their own windows now. Windowfarmers are also participating in a mass collaboration online to test new techniques that make the designs prettier, more efficient, more productive, more nutritious, and tastier. As more people build windowfarms and contribute their ideas back to the movement, we are building a highly diverse network of imaginative urban foodgrowers who have experience, opinions, a personal stake, new ideas and something to say in larger food system issues. The Windowfarms Project started as an art project and is becoming a movement led by a startup nonprofit. Find out how you can support and participate at

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